How to pre-register for ExRaya and earn free RAYA tokens

Greeting to everyone!

Let me introduce you how to enroll pre-registration for ExRaya.
Please go to Pre-registration link:


1. Provide following info:

– Email: Put your valid Email address.
– Password: A password must be more than 8 characters mixed with Alphabetical, Numeric and Special characters.
– Confirm Password: Please check your password again.

– Referral ID or Email (Optional): Enter referral ID or email address of referrer

2. Once you submit you will see following page:

3. After that, please log in to your Email,

and check the email (Welcome to ExRaya!) from ExRaya.

Click ‘Verify Email’ button!


4. If you clicked it, the pre-registration will complete with the message ‘ Email verification Success’

5. If you have completed all steps for pre-registration, you will receive an email named ‘Email Verification is succeeded!’ which includes your Referral ID.

6. You can use this Referral ID and the URL link to refer your friends!

When your friend pre-registers with your Referral ID, you earn extra $1 USD worth of RAYA tokens.

When the exchange opens, and when your friend trades, you earn 10% of your friends’s trading fee!

Please refer your friends!


Thank you.