When is the ExRaya exchange going to be ready?

We are planing on opening the ExRaya exchange soon after we are finished with token sale.  When the ExRaya exchange opens, our Raya token holders will receive up to 100% discount on trading fees, which means they trade for FREE for the first 3 months.

Who can use the ExRaya exchange?

Anyone who is interested in crypto exchange market can use the ExRaya exchange.  Customers from outside of Indonesia can trade crypto to crypto.  Customers who desire to trade with Indonesian Rupiah must go through KYC process.

Where is the ExRaya exchange registered?

ExRaya exchange will be registered in Indonesia.

What is the value of RAYA token?

RAYA tokens can be used to pay for trading fees at a discounted rate. ExRaya will initially offer 100% discount rates for token holders, and discount rate will decrease as time goes.

Is RAYA a mining token?

No, RAYA token is not a mining token.

Do you have plan to buy back RAYA tokens?

Yes, every quarter we will use 10% of our profits to buy back our tokens and destroy them until we buy 50% of all the RAYA tokens sold.

Do you have a whitelist?

Yes, please see the whitelist link to sign up.

What will happen to unsold tokens?

We will burn any left-over tokens which didn’t sell during token sales.

Who can not participate in token sale?

Those who are either citizens or residents of following countries are not allowed to participate in token sale: Algeria, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Canada, Democratic people’s republic of Korea, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kyrgyzstan, Morocco, Nepal, Serbia, Sri Lanka, Syria, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, USA, Vanuatu, Yemen.

When do I receive my tokens?

Tokens will be distributed right before exchange listing.

Is there a lock-up period for tokens?

Yes, tokens will be distributed right before exchange listing, and it will be distributed over 4 months, 25% each month.

What is the vesting schedule for team and advisers?

Team : 50% locked for 6 months, 50% locked for 12 months
Advisers : Distributed over 4 months (25% each month)