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ExRaya is going to be
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in Southeast Asia.

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The Rise of Cryptocurrency in Emerging Asia

Emerging markets across Asian countries represent nearly 50% of the world’s population and expected to grow faster than any other region in world with 6.5% GDP growth over 2018-19 according IMF. The emerging markets are considered the next frontier for blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies globally.

Indonesia with its 260 million people, it will be the biggest market in the Southeast Asia. ExRaya will be registered in Indonesia and regulated by Indonesian government.

Region at a Glance

600 Million People online

Southeast Asia is now the world’s third largest region for internet users with more people online than the entire U.S. population

Indonesian Market

Southeast Asia is rapidly being acknowledged as a market where the internet is changing daily behaviors and creating new opportunities

High Growth possible

Indonesia, Southeast Asia’s largest economy, is likely to account for the majority of crypto business

Bitcoin (BTC) Trading Growth in 2017

Philippines issued legal framework for cryptocurrency 2017.
That contributed high volume. Indonesia has legalize owing and trading cryptocurrencies. Other countries in this region will likely follow

Data from published exchanges volumes

Introducing ExRaya Exchange

We have built much needed crypto infra so that Indonesians can buy crypto by depositing cash into bank.

We have partnered with the biggest bank in Indonesia so that Indonesians can buy and invest in cryptocurrency easily.

The demand for crypto trading is growing rapidly.

  • Lowest trading fee in Indonesia

  • Indonesian Banks connection

  • Fast KYC

  • Fully Secured

  • Instant deposit & withdrawal

  • Advanced trading features

  • 24/7 Customer Support

Registered and regulated exchange in Indonesia

Experienced Team

Our professional team is made up of Korean team who has experience in creating and operating crypto exchanges. Combined with Indonesian team, we are ready to provide great experience to our customers.

Indonesian Connection

We have partnered with the largest Indonesian bank so that Indonesian people can invest in cryptocurrency with ease and security in mind. ExRaya will connect to the Central Bank of Indonesia and provide virtual bank accounts to ExRaya users so that they can purchase cryptocurrency with Indonesian FIAT money, Rupiah, by depositing cash into their assigned virtual bank account.

Competitive Fees

By offering our own exchange coin (RAYA), we will provide discounted trading for our RAYA token holders. Our RAYA tokens provide savings and liquidity to token holders.

Korean elite team with strong technical background

Team of Korean experts built the ExRaya exchange. We already have the ExRaya exchange ready to go live after the ICO and have partnered with largest Indonesian bank so that buying crypto with Indonesian FIAT, Rupiah is possible! This is huge!
Registered and regulated by Indonesia government and backed my some of the most influential people in Indonesia. This is not just a white paper ICO, but a real worthy ICO that you have been looking for!

Token Benefits

#1. Discounted Trading Fee

Pay your trading fees with RAYA token and save up to 100% of trading fee!

On top of that, we have lowest trading fee structure in Indonesia and we intend to remain that way!

#2. Quartetly Buyback Plan

Every quarter, we will use 10% of our profits to buy back our tokens and destroy them until we buy 50% of RAYA tokens sold during token sale.

As the total supply of RAYA tokens decreases, the value of RAYA tokens will increase!

#3. ExRaya Gas

RAYA will be used as gas on ExRaya platform. More applications for RAYA tokens translate into higher value for RAYA tokens.

In the coin lending program where customers will be allowed to loan up to 40% of their own Bitcoin stored at ExRaya, the RAYA tokens will be used exclusively to pay for monthly fees for loan. This would allow more usage for RAYA tokens and help customers maintain Bitcoin in their cryptocurrency portfolio.


lnvestment Pooling

Tap into our trader/ investors
subscriber pool

All-in-One ICO Services

ICO Preparation – ICO Promotion
Token sale – Listing

Guaranteed Listing

For the ICO that we incubate, it will be listed on ExRaya Exchange right after the conclusion of ICO.

ETF service

We will work with Indonesian government to properly follow their rules on ETF service and depoly at the right time.

Security Tokenization (STO)

Soon there will be a great demand for security exchange for STOs.  We will work with Indonesia’s regulatory body to deploy STOs.

Custody service

For institutional investors, they need secure way to store digital assets. We will provide institutional digital asset custody service.

Exchange Comparison Chart

*TBD, On top of above services, Exraya plans on offering lowest trading fee in Indonesia!


We will issue our ExRaya coins called RAYA tokens.  The total amount of RAYA tokens will be 500 million.  RAYA tokens will be ERC20 based tokens running on Ethereum blockchain.  We have hardcap at $10 million USD. Unsold tokens will be burnt after token sale.

TOKEN SUPPLY500 million
HARDCAP$10 million USD


PRE-SALE$0.08 with 10% Bonus


2018/10/15Private Token Sale starts
All times above are Western Indonesia Time, GMT+7 hours.

RAYA Token User Discount

Pay your trading fees with RAYA tokens and save up to 100% of trading fee!

Discount Rate 1st Quarter 2nd Quarter 3rd Quarter 4th Quarter
100% 80% 60% 50%
2nd Year 3rd Year 4th Year 5th Year
30% 15% 7.5% No Discount

Extra discount rate may be applied to those who hold substantial amount of RAYA tokens. This will encourage users to hold more RAYA tokens and help bring more stability to the price.

Token Buyback Program

Every quarter10% of profit

Every quarter, we will use 10% of our profits to buy back our tokens and destroy them until we buy 50% of RAYA tokens sold during token sale.

Roadmap at a Glance


동남아 시장 노리는 암호화폐 거래소 익스라야(EXRAYA), 사전등록 이벤트 진행

동남아 시장 노리는 암호화폐 거래소 익스라야(EXRAYA), 사전등록 이벤트 진행 한...

인도네시아 거래소 익스라야 (Exraya), 해외송금 수요 풍부…”사전 등록 이벤트 진행”

인도네시아 암호화폐 시장은 인구, 수요에 비해, 암호화폐 거래소는 소수로 성장하는 시장 규...

거래소와 거래소코인 두마리토끼를 모두 잡겠다! 익스라야 인도네시아 거래소 오픈!

최근 거래소 코인으로 검색을 하면 다양한 컨셉의 거래소코인 정보를 받아볼수가있다. 필자가...

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안녕하세요 블랙팬서입니다. 오늘은 인도네시아 거래소 익스라야 / EXRAYA 둘러보기 입...

익스라야 (ExRaya) 거래소 인도네시아에 출시 임박

동남아 암호화폐 거래시장이 뜨꺼워지고 있다. 최근 통계에 의하면 동남아 지역은 작년 201...

인도네시아 거래소 소개 및 거래소 코인 ICO - 익스라야(EXRAYA) ICO

거래소 익스라야(EXRAYA) 뜻은 거래소를 뜻하는 Exchange의 EX와 인도네시아어 ...

익스라야 / EXRAYA 거래소 (인도네시아 관련 거래소) [거래소 특집]

안녕하세요. 블랙팬서 입니다. 이번에 소개드릴 거래소는 익스라야 / EXRAYA 거래소 ...

익스라야 (ExRaya), 인도네시아 암호화폐 거래소 오픈

동남아시아는 최근 암호화폐 거래가 급격히 증가하는 추세이다. 2017년 비트코인 거래량 기...

익스라야 (ExRaya) 암호화폐 거래소, 인도네시아 거래소 시장 공략

동남아 암호화폐 거래시장이 뜨거워지고 있다. 지난 6월 암호화폐 보유 및 거래가 합법화 되...

가상화폐 거래소 익스라야, 동남아시장 진출

글로벌 거래소 익스라야(EXRAYA)는 인도네시아를 필두로 동남아시아 시장에 진출한다고 밝...

[화제집중] 인도네시아 최초 거래소 코인, EXRAYA

2017년 후반기부터 10배 혹은 100배의 수익을 내세우며 붐을 일으켰던 ICO시장은 예...

인도네시아 거래소 익스라야 (Exraya) 발족…”노동자들의 해외송금 수요 풍부”

인도네시아 암호화폐 시장은 인구, 수요에 비해, 암호화폐 거래소는 소수로 성장하는 시장 규...


Jangwon Mun

Jangwon Mun

Chief Executive Officer

Jangwon is cryptocurrency expert who has extensive knowledge in cryptocurrency mining operation. He has created and successfully been operating cryptocurrency farming company, Easy Mining Solution Inc., in Georgia, USA. He is also CEO of J World, which specializes in IT Consulting and SW Development Services to support innovative companies in North America and Asia.

Jay Jung

Jay Jung

Chief Strategist

Jay has over 25 years extensive expertise in IT Consulting and Management including Project Management, Application Development and Hardware Architect. He worked as Senior Project Manager in Accenture focused on Communication & High Tech and Strategy Knowledge Management. He holds a Bachelor and Master’s degree in Computer Science from University of Georgia.

Jin Cheol Kim

Jin Cheol Kim

Chief Technical Officer

Jinchol is Fintech technology expert who has extensive experience in developing cryptocurrency exchange and home trading system. He has architected and developed cryptocurrency exchange which is live in Korea and has previously developed home trading system which interfaces Korean stock exchanges. He also has developed Fintech programs to process payroll and expense management.

Jay M. Kim

Jay M. Kim

Chief Security Officer

Jay is enterprise mobility management (EMM) expert who’s highly interested in mobile cryptocurrency wallet technology. He is an expert in securing mobile apps and managing mobility solutions. Previously he was head of enterprise mobility business development at Samsung and has held different IT & Telecom positions at Samsung, Motorola, Ericsson. He received MS degree from University of Chicago.


Geun Yong Han

Geun Yong Han

Principle Software Architect

Geunyong is software architect with extensive experience in designing and implementing Fintech related web based programs. He is an expert in integrating credit card, e-money, bonus points, and other functions into web. He has previously developed and programmed cryptocurrency exchange websites, which are currently live in Korea. He is an expert in Java & PHP.

Andy Oh

Andy Oh

Lead Blockchain Developer

Andy is cryptocurrency expert who specializes in Ethereum programming including ERC20 token programming. He also has extensive knowledge and experience designing and implementing large scale web based systems and is an expert in Amazon AWS, Heroku, Red Hat linux and OS X. He is an expert in Java, C, HTML and PHP. Andy has received BS in Computer Science at Georgia Institute of Technology.

Juno Madden

Juno Madden

Senior Blockchain Developer

Juno Madden is senior blockchain developer who has extensive experience in Blockchain, Dapps, Bitcoin and Ethereum. He also has knowledge and experience in iOS/Android development, User experience, Tools development, Social media integrations, Rendering technology, and iBeacon and BLE. He has keen interest on how cryptocurrency technology can innovate the gaming industry.

Adam Lis

Adam Lis

Software Engineer

Adam has keen interest for backend and web technologies. He loves the challenge of building highly scalable applications and services for the masses. He is a expert in Javascript, Python, DyanmoDB, AuroraDB and has experience in Blockchain and dApps, Real-time networking, large scale web applications, Microservices, iOS/Android development, Game engine development and AWS.

Young Chul Shin

Young Chul Shin

Web Developer

Young is web developer and has experience in programming numerous Magento websites. He is an expert in PHP programming, Magento, WordPress, Linux and MySQL.

Hyo Min Sim

Hyo Min Sim

Web Designer

Hyomin is graphics designer who has experience in designing cryptocurrency exchange websites, which is currently live in Korea. She also has extensive experience in designing multiple websites.

Jun Sung Kim

Jun Sung Kim

Web Developer

Junsung is web developer and has experience in programming web based cryptocurrency exchange system, which is currently live in Korea. He has extensive experience working in C and PHP.


Young Min Jung

Young Min Jung

Senior Marketing Manager

Young is an expert in SNS and event marketing. He has experience in marketing for over 20 restaurants in Daegu area in Korea. He has collaborated with global companies like Adidas to jointly plan party events at the restaurants. He also has extensive network of customers and partners.

Jung Gyu Lim

Jung Gyu Lim

Global Business Development

Junggyu is cryptocurrency trader with very good understanding of business cultures and customs in Southeast Asia. He has previously studied to be medical doctor at De Lasalle University in Philippines. He is now leveraging his cryptocurrency trading knowledge to help develop crypto exchange.

Jun Yeol Mun

Jun Yeol Mun

Community Manager

Junyeol has experience in marketing and managing a bakery store while studying full-time in university. He has recently started working as marketing manager for Easy Mining Solution Company in Atlanta, which specializes in cryptocurrency mining. He received from BS in Marketing from Georgia State university.

Hong Kim

Hong Kim

Website Operations Manager

Hong has extensive experience in managing and operating websites. She has expert knowledge in social media marketing campaigns, blogging and media advertising. She also know how to utilize WordPress platform for marketing. She is expert user of Photoshop and designed hundreds of web site banners.


Andy Jeong

Andy Jeong

Chief Legal Council

Andy has extensive experience in providing legal counseling for Dell, NAVER and Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He studied law at Seoul National University and Columbia Univ.


Tono Suratman

Tono Suratman


Mr. Suratman is the chairman of National Sports Committee of Indonesia (KONI) and was recently responsible for successfully hosting 2018 Asian Olympics in Indonesia. Previously, he served Indonesian army as major general.

Eung Sik Bae

Eung Sik Bae


Mr. Bae is special Korean envoy for National Sports committee in Indonesia. He is the Indonesian President for World Federation of OKTA- Overseas Korean Traders Association. He is an expert on managing and operating sewing plants. He is fluent in Indonesian and Korean languages.

Jin Bok Lee

Jin Bok Lee


Datuk (equivalent to British Knighthood) Lee is best described as a bridge connecting South Korea and Malaysia. He is currently Chairman of Technology Infotech Lee Sdn Bhd, an information and communication technology company, serves as Deputy Chairman of the World Federation of Korean Chamber of Commerce and the Executive Adviser for the Overseas Business Division of the Daemyung Group, a South Korean conglomerate. He also holds key positions within tourism industry being the Honorary Ambassador of the Jeju Special Self-Governing Province, a UNESCO world heritage site in South Korea and as advisor for the Malaysia Toursim Advisory Council Korea.

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